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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Braided Bun How-To

This hairdo is incredibly simple and a great updo to do quickly before you go out.

First, start off with the right tools. These tiny elastic bands come in all different colors (these are clear, but you can get them to match your haircolor). I now understand that no two bobby pins are created equal. I always used the Goody brand from the grocery store and they never held my thick, fine hair up. These bobby pins are the professional stylists brand and they are amazing. If you can get your hands on some, I definitely recommend it.

Start by separating your hair into three equal ponytails and holding them back with an elastic.

Take the middle section and braid it.

Then, twist the braid around itself into a bun and secure with bobby pins. I didn’t secure the end with an elastic, but you can if you choose.

Go to either side and braid one section. When you have finished braiding it, fold it over the middle bun and wrap around the unbraided section on other side and secure with bobby pins. I tucked the ends into the middle bun, so that they wouldn’t stick out.

Lastly, braid the remaining section of hair and twist it under the middle bun, securing finally with bobby pins. I used two larger bobby pins to secure the entire bun as one to hold longer.

And you’re done! How easy was that? And now you look super pulled together and it only took you five minutes!

On The Street

Yesterday my morning started with a teacher walking across my path in the most adorable outfit. I became determined to feature her on the blog.

Because I’m only at this particular school one day a week though, I’m not very familiar with the staff. I didn’t know who she was, so I proceeded to walk around the entire school stalker style until I noticed her through a classroom window. Once I found her classroom and had a name, I was able to email her my bizarre request to take her picture.

She was blown away by my request and we agreed to meet after school. How we haven’t met many years before is beyond me. We have a crazy amount of mutual friends in common!

Meghan, it was a pleasure to have met you and I hope to see you around more often!

Check out Meghan’s blog here. Her son is adorable!

How fun is her outfit! I am desperate to buy myself a denim blouse.

Fashion Friday

Fall Inspiration

I am a die hard fall girl. Every year I long for rainy days, gloomy skies, days where you can wear long sweaters and tuck the sleeves inward as makeshift mittens.

This year though I am having a hard time letting go of summer. To make myself flashback to the incredibly long sunny days, warm summer nights and times full of laziness hanging with my kids, I might be found slathering on sunscreen. I’m going to cover myself, my kids and possibly even my dog to evoke those happy memories. We had an incredibly joyful summer and I am sad to see it go.

As far as weather goes though, I am totally ready for fall fashion. I am SOOOOO over the hot weather and the nasty sweating that accompanies it.

Here are the things I can’t wait for…

Sweaters with whimsical prints (how fun are these?!). They have a touch of youthful energy without being too silly.

Pinstripe blazer with a gingham top! This lady knows what’s what.

Ankle boots. (I am obsessed with this pair and am on the hunt to find similar ones.)

Tights!! (Especially since I stocked up at the end of winter last year.)

Tights with shorts? Why not! Especially when paired with a blazer, big chunky scarf and messy updo.

This outfit is perfect for cuddling up by a window and listening to the rain.

And this one works for so many occasions (a hay ride possibly??)

I’m pretty sure this outfit is akin to the comfort level of wearing your pajamas out in public.

And this last outfit is absolute perfection. It looks so French and ladylike.

Are you as excited as I am?! 😉


Happy Friday! 🙂