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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Mud Party

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Simon turned 2 and since he’s such a dirty kid and we were redoing our backyard…

the obvious solution was to have a MUD PARTY!!!

We put on our “dirty” clothes and turned on the sprinkler to get things going.

That didn’t make enough mud and the kids were turned off by water spraying in their faces, so we turned to the hose for more immediate mud. Then the kids started warming up to the idea of being dirty. Who would have thought kids would need to be “talked into” getting dirty?!

I think it helped them to see the grown-ups getting dirty. Or maybe it just confused them? Ha!

We took a break and had some pizza and dirt cups (obviously).

Blowing out his candle.

The party was a breeze to plan and prepare and at the end of the day, my little boy was happy and had fun with his friends, which makes me happy.

Happy birthday, baby boy!

Fashion Friday

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Inspiration Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone that entered! I loved seeing what inspired you and am super impressed with the outfits you created!

Too many outfits to just pick five.


Danielle‘s outfit is so flirty fun.

Cheryl got creative by designing her own jeans.

Jen’s look is classic and functions for work or play.

I love Risa’s use of color.

Hilary made maternity clothes ultra stylish.

Heidi has a crisp tucked in look with a bright belt detail.

Sarah inspired me with her flannel and sweater layers.

Renata has me excited for fall with this big baggy sweater.

And even Jon was inspired by the Chargers! (P.S. Check out his awesome portrait photography website here!)

Feel inspired?

Happy Friday! 🙂

I’m melting.

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Disclaimer: I am a born and raised Southern Californian, so I realize that my “heat” is nothing compared to other states. That being said, if you are in the Midwest or other crazy hot states, feel free to send me hate mail. I will understand.

I am a happy, easygoing person 99% of the time. It takes a lot to make me upset or grumpy. That 1% when I am rattled is most likely caused by an increase in the temperature.

When it gets hot, I LOSE it. I go full-on Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and transform into an evil, screaming person. Not pretty. Heat is the worst. I would rather be frozen cold because you can always layer up with clothes and blankets, but there are only so many clothes that you can take off. Ugh.

The only thing getting me through these EVIL, disgustingly hot days are frozen grapes or (as my oldest calls them) “ice grapes”. I keep a giant bowl in the freezer constantly during the summer months. God bless Costco and their huge box of grapes.

Can you tell I don’t have A/C or a pool? 😉