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Fashion Friday

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Inspiration Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone that entered! I loved seeing what inspired you and am super impressed with the outfits you created!

Too many outfits to just pick five.


Danielle‘s outfit is so flirty fun.

Cheryl got creative by designing her own jeans.

Jen’s look is classic and functions for work or play.

I love Risa’s use of color.

Hilary made maternity clothes ultra stylish.

Heidi has a crisp tucked in look with a bright belt detail.

Sarah inspired me with her flannel and sweater layers.

Renata has me excited for fall with this big baggy sweater.

And even Jon was inspired by the Chargers! (P.S. Check out his awesome portrait photography website here!)

Feel inspired?

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. love the outfits. So cute. Jon is awesome.

  2. Thumbs up for Jon!!!!!!!!

  3. OK,OK….. I like Sarah’s flannel and sweater look.

  4. Completely agree… Jon takes the cake. (If the prize for the contest was cake.)

  5. oh how fun!! my favorite was jon 🙂 creative idea rena!!! and… thank you for your thank you card! that was such a sweet surprise 🙂

  6. That girl in the second picture is super cute. I wish she would date me.


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