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Summery Summary

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This summer was a…

shaved ice eating,

puzzle completing,

“prom” attending,

fish face capturing,

giant slide riding,

adventure seeking,

cinnamon roll consuming,

skateboard rolling,

headband wearing,

country celebrating,

pudding smuggling,

Lego building,

dog paddling,

sunscreen wearing,

goggle sporting,

waterpark visiting,

flip flop wearing,

guacamole consuming,

spray park hanging,

raindrop catching,

crazy hair wearing,

mess making,

Legoland visiting,

backyard fixing,

sand licking,

mountain exploring,

afternoon resting,

helmet wearing,

truck watching,

bird holding,

smoothie sipping,

sunset watching,

sand castle building,

slurpee drinking,

snow cone devouring,

mandolin playing,

glasses purchasing,

fountain splashing,

fish feeding good time.

We are sad that it’s almost over, but thankful we were able to squeeze so much fun in.

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  1. Nicole @ gidgetgoeshome

    Prom? That looks more like Mother Boy to me.

    Seriously though, what a fun summer!

  2. Love this. gosh I love those boys.

  3. This is such a great idea! Love it! Such fun moments you captured. It sure looks like a summer you will always remember 🙂

  4. I love the photo of Liam with the green goggles!


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