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Summer Inspiration

School is out in our district, but I still have three weeks left of summer school to work. (Enter sad face here). Regardless, I am loving the long days and warm weather. And I am getting really excited for summer fashion! Here are some of my favorites:

1. SHORTS!!! Buy a knee-length pair and tuck a button-up shirt with a skinny belt and heels for a business casual look OR a flowy tank, blazer and shiny flats for evenings/weekends.

2. SKIRTS (I am still looking for the perfect maxi skirt because I don’t own one yet). Try tucking a fitted tank top into your waist, add a belt and you’ve got the perfect outfit for evening BBQs and potlucks.

3. DRESSES-Summer is wedding season and it’s the perfect outfit for hot weather.

Do you feel inspired? 😉 What items are you stoked about?

And just in case some of you think my life is super glamorous…

My youngest has an ear infection this week and we’ve been running on limited sleep. Bleh.

Happy Friday! 🙂

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  1. I definitely like the last picture. Heehee………
    My favorite outfit is the pink shirt with the brown skirt. It looks very comfortable.


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