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I have two irrational fears.

I am afraid of birds and butterflies.

What’s that you say? “Rena, you are afraid of two of the smallest, prettiest creatures on this planet?”

Yes, I admit that those two TINY creatures FREAK ME OUT.

I am that girl that runs screaming from the butterfly exhibit having a panic attack. And I’m also the girl who is ducking like a maniac on the outdoor patio of a restaurant because the birds are flying around on the umbrellas. (Both of these examples, sadly have ACTUALLY happened.)

Who knows why I have this fear, since there really is no danger to either of them, hence the term “irrational”, yet still the fear is there.

Something you should never fear is COLOR in your wardrobe.

Too often I hear people say, “Oh, I couldn’t pull that off!” and to that I say, “Do you WANT to pull it off/make it work?!”

Then do it!

Color is such a great option to have in your wardrobe. You can add little “pops” of color here and there or go for the gusto and have color from top to bottom.

Here are some options (thank you, Pinterest, for your never ending chasm of fashion pictures):

And if you’re REALLY daring…try chalking your hair!

Happy Friday!

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  1. This is my favorite fashion advice. When I was traveling to New York I wor a maxi royal blue skirt with a fun jersy knit shirt that looks like it has paint sprayed all over it… A lady told me that I looked like a flower among weeds. Thank you color! Also I think other people should write their irrational fears… Mine is obviously whales. Also you rocked those colors this week. How about that yellow belt… Yes please. And the flower skirt with the blazer… Hot. Great blog this week.

  2. I hate birds and I love your blog. The end.

  3. Definitely, the blue skirt, white blouse, and the yellow belt and shoes.
    DON’T color your hair different colors, it’s very pretty the way it is. Haha
    Just my suggestion….. ( You like the “Don’t in caps? ) =)
    I also like the red and white striped shirt with the blue skirt. I think red shoes
    would have been cute with that outfit. ( Coming from someone that wears
    flip flops all the time…… heehee )

  4. Trish Black-Welch

    I got to see two of these outfits this week and you looked darling! Looooove your blog, it is so fun!


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