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Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

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I love thrifting. No, more than love…I’m a little obsessed. I could go every day and never get tired of it. I don’t buy something every time I go, but it is über therapeutic to skim over clothes and look at so many different styles/eras of fashion in one place.

The best is when you find something “ugly” and give it new life.

I found this dress that I felt like had good bones, although I think my sister threw up in her mouth when she had to look at it while taking my picture. She really didn’t like it.

photo 2

I had originally planned on shortening the sleeves and the hem of the skirt and modernizing the look.

Then I woke up and remembered that I have 2% skills in the DIY/sewing category and decided to just turn it into a midi skirt. Fortunately the waist line is elasticized, so all I had to do was cut above it to make a skirt.

photo 1

It is pretty sheer, so I have to wear it with a slip. The top also has a frayed finish to it, so I can’t tuck in a shirt. I someday hope to nice-ify it, but remember my DIY-lacking skills.

Despite that, I turned this dated, slightly funky dress into a trendy midi-skirt.

So, when you’re thrifting, make sure to #1-call me first so I can join you and #2-don’t quickly pass on something that might be “ugly”.

Happy Fashion Friday!

By Your Wounds We Are Healed

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red skirt collage 1 red skirt collage 2

Today we are celebrating Christ’s sacrifice for us and rejoicing that He raised from the dead.

Listen and read the words of this song by Nichole Nordeman.

I am so thankful for His love for me.

“By your wounds we are healed.”

Will You Be My Valentine?

I love Valentine’s Day. It might possibly be because it’s a holiday with two of my favorite colors, pink and red.

We, rather I, made these Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to family and friends.

I figure I’ll do things my way before my boys start insisting on buying Spiderman or Lightning McQueen ones. Ugh.

We went outside and took some pictures really quickly. I didn’t even bother brushing their hair or wiping off their messy faces, although I did have them put on some cute sweaters. Then I edited them with Rad Lab and Picmonkey.

Valentine 1

Valentine 2

I purchased some red chocolate lips from Oriental Trading and plan on attaching them over the boys’ mouths before we pass them out.

Nothing says love like chocolate. 😉

Valentine 3