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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Dress Your Best During Pregnancy

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1. Belts are your best friend.

Some maternity shirts or dresses don’t have darts or are hemmed so that they are tapered around the bust area. This results in a “tent-like” top. To avoid this, belt your top above the belly. This can be done with a belt or even a pretty ribbon. (continue reading…)

Jellyfish Fart

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(Shirt: Old Navy Maternity Jacket: Banana Republic  Pants: Target  Necklace & Shoes: HandMeDown)

If you haven’t figured out by now, my brain is totally random. And to be honest, I really only share the watered-down versions of my thoughts, so you don’t think I’m an absolute freak. This was a conversation my husband and I had the other day…

Me: “What if ocean animals farted and their fart bubbles traveled to the top of the water and when it popped it made a melodic sound? Like each animal had a different and unique fart bubble sound. What would whales sound like?”

Hubby: “What would a jellyfish fart sound like?”

And yes, this conversation went on for another ten minutes or so with us naming underwater animals and then making the sounds that we think their “fart bubbles” would sound like. I’m so thankful I have a husband that not only puts up with my crazy, but goes along with it. What would a jellyfish fart sound like?!