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Monthly Archives: December 2013

How To Look Fabulous In Your Holiday Photos


Tis the season for holiday parties, work parties and family gatherings and along with that comes lots of pictures. Here are some tips for your looking your very best for those captured memories!…

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Happy Wednesday!

Prego Randomness




(Headband: Plato’s Closet  Shirt: HandMeDown  Necklaces: Cookie Lee & Payless  Pants: Target  Shoes: eBay-Lucky)

Since it’s the thing that is on my mind the most these days, here are some random pregnant facts floating around my mind:

-This baby makes me sneeze…everyday. Is that even possible? Normally, I only sneeze when I’m about to get sick, but since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve sneezed at least three times every day. So weird.

-I want a girl so badly that my amazing friend Jenni (also my outstanding hair stylist) jokingly keeps telling me I’m ugly, since we’ve heard people say that you “lose your beauty” when you’re having a girl because they “steal your looks”. And I love her for it.

-I’ve decided that since I want a girl SOOOOOOO badly that I’m not going to find out the gender of this baby and just wait until the end when I have a baby to cuddle with. This is incredibly unlike me since I HATE surprises, but I have an overwhelming peace about it, so I am assured it’s the right thing. Other people are having a hard time with it though. Sorry.

-This kid loooooooooooves being under my ribs, like it gets up in there every chance it has. Not my favorite.

In Today’s News…Blah, Blah, Blah




(Vest & Sweater: Goodwill  Necklace:  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  Shoes: eBay (Lucky))

We don’t have cable, which doesn’t really matter because I watch everything online anyways. (I do miss BRAVO though.) I DO NOT miss the news. Ugh. I was at the dentist yesterday and the 4 ‘o clock news came on and it was so depressing. So many fires, kidnappings, shootings, etc. No thank you. I prefer to stay completely ignorant and get my news off of Facebook. Yeah, I’m one of those people. Now if you gave me a news station that covered people adopting children, octogenarians celebrating their birthdays and kids making honor roll, then I might subscribe to cable again.