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My Six-Year-Old Dressed Me: Outfit 2

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(Necklace: Target  Blouse: Hut 8  Skirt: GAP  Shoes: thrifted)

This is the second outfit my oldest son made up for me. When he first picked out the red shoes, I gulped because I never would have thought to put red and coral together. But I think he totally pulled it together with the necklace. I love how he sees things so differently from me. I will definitely wear this outfit in the future. :)

My Six-Year-Old Dressed Me: Outfit 1

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This is my oldest. He is 6.


I gave him free reign into my closet and let him make up some outfits for me. This means I wasn’t even in the room while he was doing it, so I had no influence as to color matching, etc. The first outfit he came up with blew me away. He paired a dress and skirt together (Has he been taking notes?!) and chose every sparkly item I owned. I’ve actually had this skirt for a couple of years and couldn’t figure out how to wear it and I think he hit the ball out of the park on this particular outfit. And he kept saying how pretty I looked. How could I not love that?!




(Necklace: Sears Outlet  Blue Dress, Skirt & Heels: thrifted)


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(Camo Blouse: garage sale  Shirt & Pants: clothing exchange  Necklace: instagram shop  Purse & Shoes: thrifted)

I miss being younger and the funnest thing to do was imagining. Why do we have to grow up and lose that part of childhood? I remember being so happy to play “office” or “school” and would have so much fun making stuff up. We used to play “orphans” and would pretend that we had to find somewhere to live with our “older siblings” (aka my cousins) a la the Boxcar Children (did you ever read those books?). I remember people telling me to enjoy being young, but when you are that age, you don’t understand how things will NEVER be the same once you get older. Growing up and reality steal your ability to imagine and believe. It makes me super sad. I feel like I sound a lot like Peter Panning in the movie Hook right now. I want to go to Neverland and have a “pretend” food fight. That would be amazing.

Energizer Bunny Brain

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(Necklace: instagram shop  Blouse: Plato’s Closet (Lauren Conrad)  Dress: (Calvin Klein)  Shoes: Nordstrom)

I adore my husband. He’s seriously amazing at so many things. And one of those things includes napping. I am incredibly jealous at how he can lay down on the couch with children running around screaming/banging toys together and he’ll just knock out a solid twenty minute nap. If I could have any skill, it would be to be able to turn my energizer bunny brain off to be able to get some rest during the day. Sadly though, my noggin is constantly full of all the things that I need/should/could be doing at that moment. What skill do you wish you could have? (Also, notice that I call napping a skill? Hilarious.)


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(Blouse & Watch: Target  Dress: birthday gift  Necklace: instagram shop  Shoes: thrifted)

I just started noticing something…I have a slight obsession with dimples. Not dimples in cheeks though, CHIN dimples. My grandpa had one, so I think I associate chin dimples with super awesome, kind people. Start looking around and see who has them. I’ve been seeing a lot of actors on TV that have them and it makes me want to be friends with them. If you have a chin dimple and we are having a conversation, you may need to remind me that your “eyes are up here” because I’ll probably be staring at your awesome chin.

Best Birthday Party Ever

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My oldest son turned 6 last week (How can that be?!!) and we had the best time celebrating him.

We got him a new skateboard for his birthday, which ended up only costing us $5 because of a thrift store score and a great friend who has the hook-ups.

On Saturday, we had a “ninja party”. Now I have nothing against Pinterest, in fact I love and adore it. But I do feel like sometimes Pinterest has a way of placing expectations on people (moms especially) to throw wildly fantastic parties with coordinating everything. I think throwing these parties is amazing and if that is your thing, then by all means, keep it up. I for one don’t have the time or energy to do that though, but I still think this party went off with a bang.

I bought ninja swords for all the boys (because this was an “all boys party”, yes…we’ve reached the age where girls are not allowed) as their go-home gift.


The boys ran around the backyard for a good hour or so, just pretending to be ninjas.

Then we stopped the play to have pizza (Thank you, Little Ceasar for your $5 goodness!)


I completely spaced about dessert, so planned to make ninja brownie cut-outs. The box I had only made an 8×8 pan, so I looked in my pantry and found some sugar cookie mix that I bought around Christmas time. I made ninja cut-out cookies (they kinda looked like murder site victims) and since I had a ton of frosting and sprinkles around the house (don’t ask), we had a last minute cookie decorating activity.



The boys played in the backyard for almost three hours with their swords, playing catch and finally Hide and Seek once it was dark. It was simple and absolutely perfect. And let me tell you, this age and the fact that we can have a “drop off” party (I love all my son’s friend’s parents, but sometimes just entertaining little people is easier).

I just want to say that Pinterest is wonderful, but sometimes all kids want is to run around with swords and eat lots of food coloring. And that’s what counts. ;)





(Earrings: swap meet  Blouse: Hut 8-Bisou Bisou  Belt: Lands End Canvas  Dress: anthropologie  Booties:

My husband is the most trustworthy man I know…except when I have something in my teeth. I constantly ask him after I’ve eaten if I have stuff in my teeth. And more than once, he says I am “fine” only for me to later discover I have a tiny piece of black pepper stuck between my front tooth and gums. In his book this is “fine”, but in mine, it is not okay. Thankfully I have my incredibly trustworthy reverse iPhone camera to make sure I really am “fine”, since I HATE talking to people and later finding out I have nasty objects obstructing my smile.


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