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You Can’t Say That




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Have you ever noticed that when you’re a kid you say whatever you want without thinking about it? Like when you’re little and you don’t realize that the things you say might be offensive or hurt someone’s feelings. I have been asked countless times by little people if I was pregnant when I was in fact not. But they are too young to know, so I brush it off. Well, I feel like when you get older (and I mean way older) people just start saying whatever they want again regardless of how it makes them look or others feel. Why is that?! Have you seen this video of Ellen talking to Gladys? It makes me laugh so hard that this old woman is just saying random things to this huge celebrity like she is talking to the clerk at her grocery store. Too funny.

Age Is Just A Number




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I turn 33 today and I am determined to make this an amazing year. I’m going to focus on being healthy, getting in shape and spending as much time as possible with my boys. I met someone the other week and after talking to her, I guessed that she was five or so years older than myself. It come up in conversation that she was only a year younger than me! That same day, my coworker (who is 25) was mistaken for an 8th grader! Age is only a number and after you turn 20, I think it’s hard to determine really how old someone is. All this to say, have a youthful mindset, take care of yourself and be happy because that makes the biggest difference in how old you look. :)

Weird Thoughts

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This is the way my brain works…just to let you in on the weird and strange thoughts that roll around in my head:

What if our shadows didn’t represent what our bodies looked like? Like if we were skinny and our shadows were obese or visa versa. Or if our shadows looked like animals, like a T-Rex or a grizzly bear? That would be crazy, wouldn’t it?

(And just like that my random ramblings reached an all-time weird max. Are you going to stop reading? Ha!)

How to Make the Best Out of Your Visit to the Salon

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Everyone loves going to the salon and being pampered. Sometimes though, it’s overwhelming and terrifying going in for a new cut or color. Here are some tips on making your visit to the salon a satisfying experience.

1. Use Pinterest or magazines for inspiration.

Tear out pictures from magazines of cuts or color that you like or create a Pinterest board to save styles you’re interested in. Always take in a visual with you to show the stylist. This helps to convey the look you are going for because everyone has a different idea of what color blond or brown is. Hairstylists speak a different language than most people (“brassy”, etc.), so a picture will cut down on the confusion and communicate exactly what you want.

2. Find A Great Stylist

If you see someone whose hair color or cut you like, ask them who did their hair. Finding a fantastic stylist that can tell you what looks good on your face shape, goes with your skin color, etc. is an amazing discovery. Once you find a skilled stylist, trust them and ask them for advice on what kind of cut works with your hair type or if the cut/color you picked out works for you. (continue reading…)

Decisions, Decisions

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I started school last week and so far I have been able to be dressed every single day (Hurray for no nakedness!). My oldest started kindergarten on Monday. He’s been in preschool for the past two years, so I didn’t think it’d be that hard, but I’m not gonna lie, I shed a few tears after I dropped him off. We also have been making decisions about AM or PM kindergarten and preschool placement for my middle son and as a naturally decisive person, I am totally waffling! Is this normal?! Why are these decisions so hard to make?! I think I am placing too much emphasis on the gigantic future impact it will make on their lives, but as a first-time elementary parent, I am struggling. (Experienced parents, you can laugh at me now.)

Last Meal

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I am OBSESSED with cookie butter. I will eat it by the spoonful: original, crunchy or mixed with chocolate. If you haven’t discovered the beauty that is cookie butter, I suggest you track down your nearest Trader Joe’s and drive (even if it is two hours away) and buy it immediately! If I was in some sort of situation that I had to choose my last meal, I would 100% for sure include cookie butter in one way or another. What would you request for your last meal? Don’t think about the possible execution part that would gruesomely follow, just the delicious food that you could consume beforehand.

Gwynnie Bee

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I rarely pay attention to the ads on Facebook, but just recently one caught my eye. It was for a site called Gwynnie Bee and it is basically the Netflix of clothing. You fill up your virtual “closet” with items (sized 10-32) and they send them to you for you to wear and style to your heart’s content. When you are done with the item, you put it in the pre-paid bag they send you and return it. You can try one month for free, which is totally awesome because who doesn’t like free?! These pants were the first item that I received. I love them because they are a style that I’ve been wanting to try out, but would never buy. My husband was not a fan, but I’m glad I got to have fun with them for a limited time. What do you think of them? Casual glam or just too casual (aka gym pants)?


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